We have a modern, 15-barrel brew house.  We can make ales or lagers, but mostly it has been ales, which tend to have a more complex flavor profile.  We use a simple one step infusion mash, or more elaborate multi-temperature step mash.  After the beer is made, of course, it has to go someplace.  That’s where you come in.

Current Beers on Tap

$3.95 per 16 oz pint
$3.50 per 12 oz glass

$13.95 for a 1/2 gallon growler of Brewery Creek beer to go.  Refill is $9.95
$11.95 for a 1/2 gallon growler of Brewery Creek soda to go.  Refill is $7.95

American Wheat

A light wheat beer, but without the German esters and phenolics.  60% wheat malt, 40% European style pale malt.  22 IBU from CTZ and Hallertauer Hops.  5% ABV

Biere de Garde, “Deux Monts”

Sweet and malty, fruity with hops to balance.  Special Pale malt plus “Cara 8″, torrefied wheat and sucrose.  30 IBU from Goldings and Perle
About 7% ABV.

Brewery Creek Pale Ale

What’s the difference between a bitter and a pale ale?   For the British, if it is on draught, it is a bitter.  If it is in a bottle, it is a pale ale.  Americans don’t make the distinction so you can call this one either and we’ll bring it to you!  British Maris Otter and crystal malts, flaked corn.  5% ABV.  35 IBU from US and Styrian Goldings Hops.

London Porter

London, the official birthplace of Porter.  A bit more malt forward than our Scottish Porter.  80% Martis Otter pale malt, the balance being crystal, amber, chocolate, black.  4.5% ABV.  35 IBU From CTZ and Perle.


A lighter beer or ale with about 25% to 30% lemonade added.  Such combinations are traditional in countries with a beer culture and take many forms with different names.   They are called “Der Radler” in Germany or “Rus” when made with a wheat beer.  Whatever the name,  they are a nice refreshing drink, especially popular in warmer weather.


Growler of Brewery Creek Beer:  1/2 gallon of Brewery Creek beer to go in our no deposit, no return, refillable growler.    $13.95.  Refill – $9.95.

Growler of Brewery Creek Home Made Root Beer:  1/2 gallon of Brewery Creek home made root beer to go in our no deposit, no return, refillable growler.